Tips to be Successful on Standardized Tests


To receive the best possible score on a test, there are several tips students are encouraged to follow.

Rachel Casey, Staff Reporter

Falling at the end of February and beginning of March, both the FSA (9th-10th) and SAT (11th) are rapidly approaching for Winter Springs High School students. Preparing for the big day can often prove intense or complicated, when, in actuality, there are some very simple methods to relieve stress and achieve the highest possible score.


  1. Review! Taking part in test reviews and group study sessions before the exam can prove highly beneficial for any test-taker.


As junior Lindsay Gassman recommended, “Studying from a review book is very helpful.”


Especially in preparing for the SAT, buying a review book beforehand provides a multitude of sample multiple choice questions and essays for students to better familiarize themselves with the format of the exam.


  1. Do not study the night before. If you have studied for the exam and feel prepared, put down the test-prep book and simply relax. Most information crammed late the night before will not stick with you for the test and will most likely just add to any stress you already may have.


  1. Arrive with a full night’s sleep and a good breakfast. Feeling like you are about to fall asleep throughout the entire test will not improve any scores but being hungry will not help either.


Freshman Megan Casey advises bringing snacks to get you through a testing period. “I usually bring yogurt stars from Trader Joe’s,” Casey said.

To most standardized testing sites, students can bring both water and food to have during breaks.


In preparation for the reading FSA, Winter Springs High School is offering two Saturday review sessions—FSA Boost Camp—on March 4th and 11th from 8am to 11am. As for the SAT, an online practice source, Khan Academy, is a free resource which can provide additional practice.

So, do not stress. Going in with enough preparation and confidence will help test day go smoothly.