WSHS Theatre Company Presents: Metamorphoses


The Winter Springs High School Thespians are showing their first show of the year- Metamorphoses this week.

Rachel Casey, Staff Reporter

The Winter Springs High School Theatre Company is readily preparing for the opening performance of its first production this school year, and the play this fall is a much different style compared to those in the past.

Taking a turn from the “standard play”, Metamorphoses is an ensemble piece based off the myths of Ovid and consists of a series of Greek-style vignettes. Theatre director Mrs. Jennifer Devine believes this different style will ultimately benefit all students involved in the production.

“We try to alternate styles so my students get to experience everything, and metamorphoses is such a stylized piece that I thought it would be something they’ve never done before, that it would truly challenge them as actors,” said Devine.

Additionally, just as new theatre styles are experienced through Metamorphoses, the production’s set also proves to be quite different, unlike anything previously constructed at Winter Springs High School. The set, featuring a double decker pool, was originally designed last April with construction beginning in May, and it definitely stands as one of the most unique sets built at Winter Springs.

Metamorphoses’ underlying theme is “changing humanity”, and according to the production stage manager, Joy Lewis, “the water [in the pools] will represent rebirth.”

Another aspect of Metamorphoses which stands different from past productions is that the audience will be seated onstage along with the actors. The theatre department is transforming the auditorium into a black box style setting for a more intimate and up close feel for this production.

Metamorphoses performances will take place on Sept 29th and 30th (7:00pm) and Oct 1st (2:00pm and 7:00pm). Tickets are $8 for students, $10 for general admission, and $15 for reserved seating.