20th Anniversary of 9/11


Photo courtesy: BuzzFeed

Miranda Guthrie, Entertainment Editor

On September 11, 2001 the world was shocked to see and hear that the World’s Trade Center twin towers were targeted by a terrorist attack. Flights 11, 93, 175, and 77 were hijacked by terrorists. Each plane had five groups of hijackers on the flights. Through mid-air they started hijacking the plane’s. Many people on the airlines started freaking out and started calling their families and loved ones because they didn’t know what was going to happen. 

Flight 11 was the first target to hit the North Tower of the world trade in lower Manhattan at 8:46 AM. And after that disaster happened seventeen minutes later at 9:03 AM flight 175 targeted the South Tower. The towers were on fire with people inside the buildings trying to escape the towers. Sadly the people on the flights did not make it. And most people in the world trade centers were not able to make it out in time. People that were on the top of the building had to make difficult choices of how to get out of the towers. Flight 77 targeted the west side of the Pentagon (which is the headquarters of the American military). Flight 93 was supposed to crash into the Capitol but people on the plane took the hijackers down near the field of Shanksville, Pennsylvania. 

Now 20 years later, whenever 9/11 is brought up it’s still devastating to hear about it. Many families and loved ones are still devastated by the loss of the heroes and the people that lost their lives in the tragic attack on the U.S. 

Even though many people lost their lives that day, they will never be forgotten with their bravery of having to go through this tragedy. Their bravery is shown out by the one World Trade Center called Ground Zero which shows a memorial of all the people that went though 9/11 and passed on. September 11, 2001 may have been 20 years ago but it will never be forgotten not because of the attack but because of the bravery of first responders, citizens, military, service dogs, and many more for risking their lives to help other people.