Making a splash on cars


By Jodie Norwood

Kai Li Howard, Head Copy Editor

Funding for sports has declined since the rise of COVID-19 back in the 2019-2020 school year.  With the loss of football sales which covered several other athletic assets, the swim team has begun to provide their own funds and fend for themselves. Coach Kimberly Weinberg explained that “the Athletics Department helps supplement the swim team with funds and this year we would like to be self-sustaining.” 


To raise money, the school’s swim team conducted a car wash at My House Fitness on Tuskawilla Road on Saturday, August 21 which attracted many willing cars.They raised an estimated total of $1,200 with the help of the Bear Community. 


Siblings Megan and Liam Edwards participated in their first car wash. M. Edwards described her experience stating how much fun she had, “I started many water and soap fights while washing the cars. It’s something I definitely want to do again.” She looks forward to future fundraisers that will further help the team grow. Similarly, L. Edwards enjoyed the event and anticipates the effects of the money earned. He stated, “This helps us a ton… the swim suits will actually be affordable and we might be able to have a nice banquet not in the cafeteria.” Upcoming fundraisers include selling candy bars and a possible “garage sale” at the school. 


The proceeds aid in events such as Senior Night, the end of the year banquets, entry and pool fees, and other necessary expenses. Any amount of donations are greatly appreciated as the team administers a fundraiser at least once a year. These donations are through parents, family, or a collection of dues. Checks can be written and designated strictly to the team to aid in swimsuits, caps, and t-shirts. Contacting Coach Weinberg in room 6-221 is also a great way to support the team.