Technology is changing by the day

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Lakshmi Katravulapalli, Staff Reporter

On August 7, Samsung Galaxy released its new Galaxy Z Flip 5G. One of the eye-openers about this new phone is that it can fold in half, much like old school flip phones. Samsung said it was not easy to make, but they made it happen. It is said that even though the new phone can cost up to $1,450, it is definitely useful and has unique features like no other phone ever made. Many buyers say trading in your old Samsung phone can help lower the price of this new phone and get you some money back.

The Z Flip is actually the first smartphone that can fold with a glass display. Many phones in the past were still able to do this, like the Motorola Razr and the Galaxy Fold, but they only had plastic screens. Many new buyers said they enjoyed having a glass display and felt like it brought authenticity to the phone. They also like that they could fit their phone in their pockets without having to worry about it falling or being too big while also being able to fit it into small places without the hassle of it not fitting. Samsung has said that using a glass display guarantees that the phone will last for a long time and be more resistant to damage.

Although the fold can be helpful, many worry that it will break easily. Samsung has promised its customers that the hinge is made up of heavy-duty Nylon fibers and that they have used an intense method to improve its elasticity and sturdiness. The device has three different colors available for its LTE version- purple, black, and gold. The 5G version has two different colors available- bronze and gray. The phone is also a limited edition model with different color bases. 

This new phone has a 172 x 72 x 6.9 mm display and a front-facing camera. The phones come with a built-in fingerprint sensor and a double-sided camera with an ultra-wide sensor. It also comes with a power button that is installed into the case. It also has both wired or wireless charging. 

The device can be wirelessly charged using the Qi wireless charger. The Z Flip also has an option of split-screen mode and also comes with the Android 10 software and built-in apps like Youtube and Google Duo.

Overall many people have given good reviews about the Galaxy Z Flip 5G considering its software, display, and camera, but at the same time, it was criticized for its price, cover display, and brittleness. Sascha Segan from PC Magazine has said that “the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is the first folding phone to really work, but it’s still a costly and potentially fragile fashion object rather than a mainstream hit.”