President Trump Comes to Florida


Photo courtesy of: NBC News

Barron Roosa, Newspaper Manager

President Trump recently came to Florida to persuade Floridians to help him get elected for presidency. Governor Ron Desantis declared, “Republicans will be storming the polls to reelect Donald Trump.

For  the election of 2020,Trump has been predicted down in the polls, but America has seen this before with the pre-election polls of 2016, where Trump was behind for the entire presidential race but turned out to win. Diverse supporters from all kinds of backgrounds came and showed their support for our president and will continue to support him during the race for presidency. This is President Trump’s first rally since he tested positive for COVID-19. 

Trump said “[h]e feels so powerful” now that he is fully recovered from COVID-19. President Trump praised the supporters he has gathered during his term as president and says that his campaign is winning by a lot more than the media will cover. President Trump spoke about his new Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett: “Amy is fantastic — a great intellect, a great scholar.” President Trump praised our Governor Desantis for his control of the COVID pandemic in Florida: “I would like to praise the governor of Florida. You’re open, and you’re open for business.”

President Trump actively complained throughout the weeks and days leading to election day, visiting such towns as Las Vegas, for additional rallies, hoping to gather more support for his campaign. Some attendees feel that Trump has done a great deal to help our nation by closing the border, having blue collar workers make masks, and supporting the doctors who are working hard and risking their lives to heal others. Biden and Kamala Harris also held smaller events in areas such as North Carolina, both teams trying to secure the election.