Valentine’s Day Expectations vs. Reality


Every year when Valentine’s day comes around there are expectations for a perfect day, and then reality.

Brandon Bradley and Holly Pink

The season of love and romance has finally arrived, and just as with most holidays and celebrations, Valentine’s Day brings about its own range of expectations and realities for lovers across the world. While the days of character themed classroom Valentines are long over, for many, Valentine’s Day can still hold various forms of routine and tradition.

For couples, there lies the expectation of a romantic, gourmet dinner, at the nicest and debatably, most expensive restaurant in town. The lad will shower his lady with freshly picked flowers, the cutest teddy bear he can find, rich and sweet chocolates, and that Pandora ring or necklace she has been hinting at for the past three weeks. As for the lady, she will be sure to give her fellow maybe a few t-shirts, a new and favorable cologne, and especially some of his favorite treats, to be sure in expressing her love and appreciation for her boy.

These expectations, however, do not exclude the single and lonely of the world. For the ladies, and even fellows, without someone to call their own, an eventful Valentine’s Day is still tangible. Many will simply call up their pals for a night in, filled with candy, take-out menus, and a “cheesy,” but still thoroughly entertaining, romantic comedy or drama.

As for the truth of Valentine’s Day, the reality may fall short of one’s personal standard. The “nicest and debatably, most expensive restaurant in town” has a two-hour long wait, forcing people to settle for the second or third best restaurant to dine in. Guys may get the flowers and candy part down, but the anticipated Pandora ring or necklace was sold out and girls must accept the alternative option. Boys on the other hand may be considered lucky if they receive anything at all.

The reality for singles may meet the expectations. Lonely teens will be sure to express their hate for Valentine’s Day on social media. Girl squads will be sure to have a copy of the newest Nicholas Sparks movie on hand as they gather for a festive “Galentine’s Day”. The majority of people will stay at home and behave like it’s any other day.

Whether you find yourself staying in, or heading out with your significant other, Valentine’s Day is no more than just another ordinary day. As with every other day, make the most of it and remind your loved ones how special they are to you.