Is Florida Really that Cold?


Although many Floridians see the slight fall in temperatures as a sign to break out their boots and scarves, many people believe the weather is way too warm for all of the extra layers.

Nicole Rumman and Rachel Casey

Here in Florida there are two seasons: hot and not so hot. The month of October is coming to a close, and the humidity has decreased, so there is an instant feeling of “beautiful weather.” Although the weather has cooled down, that does not mean it is time to bring out the heavier clothing just yet.

Since people have become accustomed to the hot weather of the summer months, the non-humid weather can feel “cold.” However, that does not mean it is quite the right time to bust out boots, coats and scarves.

Floridians are known to be sensitive to the cold, but the current temperatures are not low enough to be accurately classified as cold. In the early mornings when students come to school, the temperature is in the mid to high 60s range. In contrast, when students are leaving school the temperature escalates back to the mid-80s. These unreliable weather patterns leave Floridians indecisive on what to wear.

“I think it is really hard to dress for the day because you don’t want to be freezing in the morning and sweating in the afternoon,” said senior Caitlin Cross.

Boots and coats are definitely not the right way to go. Sticking with a light jacket that can be removed as the temperature rises is the ideal way to deal with this unpredictable weather.

In addition, what Floridians consider Fall weather is the same as Spring and Summer for Northerners. New Yorkers and Canadians, for example, still wear light clothing when they receive the same temperatures.

On the other hand, some argue that it is in fact time to bring out their Fall essentials.

After a summer of sweltering 100 degree heat, Florida weather is beginning to slip into a cooler Fall. This week, Floridians felt a sudden (and for many, very refreshing) temperature drop. The high for the week was in the low eighties, and the temperature low fell into the sixties.

While many living up North may not fully agree with this proclamation of “cold weather,” for Floridians, this temperature drop means time to start bringing hot beverages to school in the morning. Also, due to the fact that “The Sunshine State” remains at a fairly high temperature a majority of the time, the small part of the year when it’s cool outside feels significantly colder to native Floridians.

Besides, since Florida really only has two seasons, this cooler Fall weather is the prime time to take advantage of winter clothing such as scarves, jackets, and boots.

“I wear jackets every day when it’s below 70 degrees,” said senior Taylor Brown.

In fact, many stores in Florida are already beginning to turn over clothing selections from Summer essentials to cozy Fall-wear. While a stock of long pants and turtlenecks is great for shopping ahead for the winter, the warmer Florida afternoons often still call for a shirt and shorts.