No room for immagration in new spending bill

Courtesy of: Yahoo News

Courtesy of: Yahoo News

Mikayla Lallathin, Staff Reporter

A problem occurred last Sunday in an attempt to include immigration laws into a spending bill  by Senate Democrats. Democrats were hoping that legislation would be included in this document for around 8 million people but unfortunately, the plan fell through. 

This was troubling, as the plan was to also provide citizenship to recipients of farm workers, DACA workers, and crucial workers who helped during the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak.

Things like providing citizenship to people who were brought to the U.S as children have always been an option when it comes to providing citizenship

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer replied to the decision by promising to try again, saying “Democrats would appeal to the nonpartisan parliamentarian, who decides which provisions are allowed in the spending bill. We are deeply disappointed in this decision but the fight to provide lawful status for immigrants in budget reconciliation continues. Senate Democrats have prepared alternate proposals and will be holding additional meetings with the Senate parliamentarian in the coming days.”

The paved way for immigration policies are unknown at this moment, but are showing positive signs and will hopefully continue to improve as the years continue and brand new policies are formed.