The Crazy Summer 2020


Zaria Moudud, staff reporter

What has happened over summer in our country? Summer of 2020 has been part of the incredibly chaotic and memorable year we have had so far, and some of the biggest things have occurred during the summer. Many bad and critical things happened such as the “Black Lives Matter” movement (BLM) which brought a lot of attention to the world, trying to answer for the death of George Floyd. His death led to innumerous protests throughout the US by the BLM movement, some peaceful, some violent, which created a lot of controversy since the movement aimed towards a peaceful solution. It is, however, understandable the anger these people have when regarding Floyd’s death, since the subject of police brutality and racism towards African Americans is extremely sensitive and important. This movement has its biggest impact on June and July, and it is still a present topic in the world.

These protests only caused the other major event to spread even more: COVID-19. This caused the world to stop, economies to fall, and people to die. COVID-19 started at the end of 2019 and spread out more in the world around March and has been going on ever since, having no signs of stopping. The vaccine being researched while all of this is going on has not been yet completed. 

The Coronavirus forces people to take many precautions towards sanitation and distancing to prevent further spread, but it is hard to accomplish that while people try to have their lives, especially while trying to work. Not all jobs have the luxury of safety or spacing which causes the virus to spread in low-income areas. It is a stalemate since people need to work to keep the country running and the economy somewhat stable; however staying home, being careful, and cleaning yourself are also necessary precautions to stop the virus. For many, the virus has no critical symptoms, but for some it is lethal. This pandemic is breaking people and countries apart.

This year has brought attention to something that was not so important in the day-to-day affairs for all people: family being together and caring. With so many bad things, people have decided to take care and love their family and friends even more. Some also have a different perspective of life now.