Seminole County rolls out the first phase of vaccinations

Benjaman Raeburn, Copy-editor

Seminole County rolls out the first phase of vaccinations

Benjamin Raeburn 



Kicking off the new year and leaving 2020 in the past, Florida enters its fourth week of vaccine distribution, and Governor DeSantis plans to exacerbate administration for priority groups as appointments are eagerly booked up. Amidst all the hunger for the vaccine, the state advises caution and avoidance of fraudulent sites that demand payment or personal information. 

December 28 marked the day vaccine administration began in Seminole County, making Seminole the first district to give out vaccinations in mass amounts. Since then, 7,639 residents have been vaccinated, including seniors and healthcare workers. As of early January, the priority group includes assisted facilities staff and members, healthcare workers, and those 65 and older. However, as doses are running out, spots are extremely competitive, it has become a challenge for plenty in that group to acquire the vaccine. 

On Tuesday, January 5, the county announced an incoming shipment of 12,675 Pfizer vaccines and available appointments for seniors starting on January 12. Within just thirty minutes of the posting, all 2,500 slots for the week were booked. The rush for a vaccine was so immense that the county’s portal for vaccine information was brought down last week.

Booking an appointment for a vaccine takes place through Eventbrite, an online service that manages events, and has previously been used by the county for testing. With fraudulent posts, often offering vaccine administration in return for payment or a social security number, popping up on Eventbrite in several counties throughout Florida, the question is raised of whether the same is happening in Seminole County. So far, the county reports that they have not received any complaints about Eventbrite or fraudulent postings. However, in order to practice extra caution, Andrea Wonter, a county spokesperson, reminds residents the official application requires only a full name, home address, phone number, email address, and date of birth. 

Testing for seniors (65+) is administered at the Oviedo Mall. Anyone senior who wishes to receive the vaccine will need to first go to Seminole County’s website and direct themselves to the COVID page or can use the link at the end of this article. On the website, there are several dates available with links. Once a link has been selected, the option to book an appointment will present itself. Once an appointment has been booked, seniors are expected to bring a government-issued ID on the specified date. The link to the county’s vaccine page: