WSHS Students Participate in Voting Registration

Allie Nichols, Copy Editor

On September 27th, our students, ages 16 and older, were registered or pre-registered to vote for any future elections. Two main people came to speak to the students that day: Chris Anderson and TiAnna Hale. Anderson walked the students through the process of filling out the form, and Hale spoke about the process of changing things in our community to our benefit. America just gained a few more voters to help our country. What does that mean for our voters? Why should we even vote? Does it matter if we vote? 

Chris Anderson, the supervisor of elections, is in charge of voter registration and education. He says that voting is “Your voice. If you don’t vote, an issue you want to change- or don’t want to change- may or may not pass. If you voted, something could have changed in your favor.” He wants everyone that votes to find their purpose because your purpose is your passion, and passion equals progress. Some advice to voters is to educate yourself ( Why should people vote? Anderson wants people to vote because “Many folks before us sacrificed quite a lot and some were even the ultimate sacrifice. We should honor them by exercising our constitutional right.” 

City commissioner for district 4 TiAnna Hale does her very best to represent her constituents. She looks at “City goals, projects, and improvement. I focus on growth. I am a policymaker for all laws in our city; I make sure your voice is heard.” To her, the best thing about voting is the fact that it is the people’s voice. She is just the engaged, higher up advocate for the “regular” people. A big change Hale wants to see is “More community involvement.” She says, “We weren’t created to be alone. We were meant to be a village. [Being together] is essential for all of us.”

As registered (or pre-registered) voters, our students have an opportunity to make big changes for our little home town. Because of this, all of them should vote, every time they get the opportunity. One vote can change the lives of all who live in the area. So, yes, vote because whether or not you think so, it will matter.