Andrew Gillum Requests Recount


Louis Sanders, Lead Staff Writer


November 11, Andrew Gillum called for a recount of the votes. This comes less than a week after Florida’s governor race determined Rob DeSantis, the Republican candidate, to be the winner of the election. However, this could all change.


Despite being 33,684 votes behind, Gillum withdrew his concession and requested a machine recount. Gillum addressed his church and was quoted as saying:


“The final count is not done. Let’s be clear about that… We are not talking about new votes; we are not talking about miracle votes; we are not talking about votes out of thin air, we are talking about the people,”


On the other hand, the recount is exactly likely of overturning leadership. Out of 4,687 general elections between 2000 and 2015, there were 27 recounts and only three of those resulted in a change of winner. On top of that, the votes need to be brought down to a 15,000 vote margin, over half of the current margin, to force a state-mandated hand recount.


Florida Gov. Rick Scott called for Broward County’s election equipment to be impounded until after the recount. Critics, including Gillum, have accused Scott of trying to prevent recounts to secure the election. On the other hand, Scott and his supporters accuse the Democrats of attempting to steal the election.


“They don’t get to shut down the process because they don’t like the outcome… because they’re not winning.” Gillum said.


With the court hearing happening earlier Monday morning, Gillum is still attempting to turn the election.