Descendants republishes Milo Goes to College

Courtesy of Punk News

Courtesy of Punk News

Aislinn Jones, Staff Reporter

The album Milo Goes to College by Descendants, the punk band, was republished on Monday, March 28. The original publication date for the album was September 4, 1982. Some of the songs played on the album were not present on Spotify and other music platforms. They would be blacked out and would not play unlike other songs on the album. Some of the songs removed included, “I’m Not A Punk”, “Marriage”, and “M-16.”

The band then broke up in the middle of the year in 1986 and stayed that way for about ten years, then got back together in 1996 to continue writing and playing music together. They have been playing shows and writing new music ever since. 

The history of the album, Alt 77 News stated, “Their singer Milo Aukerman announced that he was going to enroll in college to study biochemistry. This would mean that the group would need to be soon put on hold. With this in mind, the group decided to record an album that documented their time together.” 

The recording studio Descendants recorded at was SST Records. Everything was fine until the beginning of this year when the songs started to get removed. Around four to six songs kept getting removed, put back, and then taken off again because of copyright laws and who owns what. Under the republished album, the recording studio used: 2022 Descendants. 

The problem Descendants was facing was licensing issues and recording studio possession for the album. Luckily, the band fixed the problem with the disappearing songs, so listeners can go back to enjoying the newly published Milo Goes to College that the Descendants officially own.