Naima Hurt Freshman Spotlight


Courtesy of Naima Hurt

Aislinn Jones, Staff Reporter

Naima Hurt is a freshman who has a passion for art. Her favorite subject in school this year is biology with Mrs. Mallard, because she finds it interesting and likes learning about living things. Hurt’s hobbies include all forms of art, such as sketching, painting, and oil pastels. She finds art therapeutic and relaxing. In the future Hurt plans to either be an artist or work as a museum curator to fulfill her enjoyments in the arts. One thing Hurt said that she would like for Winter Springs High School to change is “the bee problem.” During the day her favorite teachers to see are both Ms. Brown (Fine Arts) and the other Mrs. Brown (Math). Outside of school Hurt likes to sleep, draw, and do other art activities. Lastly, she won the Visual Arts contest by submitting a drawing of a blue Japanese dragon for Winter Springs High School this school year.