Australia puts unvaccinated citizens in quarantine facility

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Aislinn Jones, Staff Reporter

In the beginning of 2020, Australia has taken unvaccinated people in vans to Howard Springs, Australia as a long-term solution for the Coronavirus pandemic. Each camp has an estimate of 2,000 people each and must remain in quarantine for a minimum of two weeks. In the beginning, these were for travelers coming back into the country, but now if the police or a person’s neighbor suspect a citizen is ‘infected’ they will be sent to one of the many sites, according to Tim Cridland’s research. 

Australia has been on country-wide lockdown since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020. Everything in Australia has been shut down, such as the borders, businesses, and citizens being forced to keep inside their homes, including no traveling. 

A 28-year-old pregnant woman, Zoe-Lee Buhler, was arrested in July for posting about an anti-lockdown protest on Facebook. Later, the police rushed into her home, while she was still in her pajamas, and took her away immediately. Buhler is still restricted from many activities outside and on social media. After the video of the arrest went viral BBC News reported, “Last week Victoria Police warned it would arrest people for organizing protests in breach of the ban on gatherings.” 

The same type of action happened two months ago, Australian police chased down a man for getting some ‘fresh air’ in violation of the quarantine rules. The man who was chased and tackled by the police was simply smoking a cigarette. Once the police took sight of him, they began to run after him. Before the making of the quarantine camps, citizens would have to stay isolated for two weeks, but the police would check to make sure that they were actually staying inside daily. During one of the polices ‘check ups’ Summit News reported, “The cop says that officers visited a home in south-west Sydney and ‘found a person that should be there, wasn’t there, they made a number of enquiries and not that long after, that person returned to the front of the house in a motor vehicle’”.

The Australians who opposed the idea of being kept inside their houses for quarantine have violated the set rules that the Queensland government has laid out.  Causing the government to take a new route and decide to create hotels in Howard Springs instead, so citizens have a lower advantage to leave. However, the residents who have not gotten the Covid vaccination still managed to defy the facility’s orders.

Caldron Pool News reported on August 27, “Palaszczuk made the announcement in a post on social media, saying the 1000-bed facility will be used to combat the ‘dangerous Delta variant’”. The Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk also made a statement saying these hotels and new facilities are the ‘answer’ to opening the country again, and it will also ‘relieve stress and worry’ about the hotel system situations. All the people of Australia who were protesting for human rights and medical freedom led to an announcement, on the 26 of August by the Queensland government, saying a big quarantine camp near the Wellcamp airport, right outside Toowoomba, west of Brisbane, will be built for the ‘safety from the infected’ citizens.