Varsity baseball team fights hard during game

Sofia Guerra, Staff Translator

This story was originally published in the fourth issue of The Bear Truth (March 10, 2020).

During the home game this Tuesday against Lake Mary, not much happened during the first inning. However, the second inning started strong with Brian Grayson, one ball, and two streaks. The third strike went out after Nathan Tinder. Then, Lake Mary’s pitcher marked a wall pitching making the first run for our team. The opposing team tried for a fastpitch but failed, making it the second run for WSHS, made by Matthew George. With two outs, three runs, and a wall pitch by the lake Mary team, the Bears scored the third home run for our team.

Now, in the third inning with White at bat, he made one strike continuing with two strikes which resulted in an uneventful batting for the Bears. Lake Mary made their first run after a strike. Lake Mary continuously did their second and third home run, and then White made a wall pitch (making the score Lake Mary with 5 runs and WSHS with 3 runs). WSHS caught the ball before they made run number 6. Pitching catcher Jadiel Martinez caught the ball directed at Lake Mary.

The fourth inning started with Irvin Murr at bat, and after he batted Raymond Velez, making an almost out of the field, but lake Mary got the ball and made an out, batting number 4 made the third out for us. 

With two balls and two strikes, Lake Mary was at bat and made a strong hit, sending the batter to third base and with one on first base. Nicholas Davidson changed with White to pitch with his first pitching ball and making Lake Mary with point number and out number 3. 

As the fourth inning continued, Ryan Odendhal hit a single, taking him to first base and then to second base on the next play. When Grayson was at bat, he made the third out of the inning, ending the inning with Lake Mary at 6 runs and WSHS at 3 runs. Nicholas Davidson threw a fastball making two outs for Lake Mary.

At the start of Inning 5, Ryan Kurth batted and hit the ball so forcefully that he almost made a home run. Unfortunately, the opposing team caught the ball, making it an out. After that, Martinez made it to first base. Then, he passed to second base and Murr to first. Batting next was Mathew George, and Martinez made it to third base and Murr to second almost making a double run, but Odendhal struck out, making the third out.

Inning 6 started with Grayson batting. Then Tinder passed to first base, causing an interference while Nathan was going to second base, which caused him to return to first base because of a catcher interference hitting the ball. Odendhal made Tinder make a run with the new score 6-4.  Martinez moved to first base and Kurth to third but changed him with number Allen Alexander in first base trying to steal base the pitcher from Lake Mary trying to take him out while Murr is batting Kurth tried to do another run but didn’t. 

Inning 7 began with Lake Mary batting. They almost made a home run, but Murr caught the ball making them their first out hitting the ball again the batter throws it and Grayson catches it making that their last out.

Starting their last opportunity, Velez was at bat. Still with them first out George made out number 2. Under pressure, Odendhal stuck out ending the game with a loss of just two runs.