The Varsity Volleyball Team is Back and Winning

Allie Nichols, Copy Editor

The Winter Springs girls volleyball team won a heated game against Timber Creek after losing their first game to Trinity Prep. The game against Timber Creek was described as “exciting” and “hype” by player Courtney Wagner. The most recent game was played against Seminole. 

The Winter Springs players threw a few tee shirts at the student section of the crowd and. Right away the girls put their all into playing the game. Hope Matschner, number 8, was a hitter and slammed the ball onto the other side of the net every chance she got. Lauren Vargo, number 9, served a powerful jump serve every time she was up. The first timeout was called, and the score was home: 13, guest: 17. Seminole had a good hitter, but our number 22 always dove to the ground, just saving the ball from hitting the floor. The student body cheered on the players with much enthusiasm. We won the first set 25 to 21. 

Set two began, and the student body stood, encouraging the players the entire time. Almost every time a hitter would go for the ball, another player would fake hitting the ball to throw off the other team. The score was home: 10, guest: 4. While the girls from Seminole were diving for the balls but still just barely missing, our ladies were getting low and getting the ball back up for the other players. The student body would growl a deep bear-like “hoo” each and every time one of our players served. We won the first set nine points ahead of the Seminole players. The scoreboard showed home: 25, guest: 16.

The Varsity girls only needed to win one more set to win the game. We had two down and one to go. Seminole knew the pressure was on and started the third set strong. For every point the other team scored, we also scored a point. Not once during this set were the teams more than two points away from each other. The score was home: 19, guest: 20 later in the game. The student section was loud and full of anticipation. We screamed an encouraging “Let’s go Bears” when the other team was serving. We lost the third set 26 to 28. 

The entire student section sat down in defeat, but their hope and school spirit still shone through. We were neck and neck with Seminole until halfway through the set when the score was home: 19, guest: 14. An internal feud arose around this time too. The Winter Springs crowd and the Seminole fans seemed to be seeing who could be the most supportive and loud for their team. Because we had a lot of students, we were louder than the few parents and siblings of the Seminole girls’ families. Our girls killed the ball hit after hit and won the fourth set- 25 to 15.