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Lilian Mendez
Lilian Mendez, aka Lily, is an incoming freshman at Winter Springs High School. She is currently doing school from home, due to the circumstances of Covid-19. Although others would see her as a really shy girl, her close friends would consider her sweet, kind, clumsy, and even sometimes outgoing. Lily’s hobbies include baking, longboarding, doing make-up, and writing. At home she has four pets that she shares with her siblings. These pets include a dog, two cats, a leopard gecko, and a guinea pig. Something that motivates her is her family. Everyone in her family is always supportive about anything she is passionate about, which keeps her motivated and encouraged to do the things that she loves.

Lilian Mendez, Staff Reporter

Oct 11, 2020
How to prepare for Hurricanes in Florida (Story)
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Lilian Mendez