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Jason Yarmy
Jason Yarmy is a freshman at Winter Springs High School. This is his first year on The Bear Truth News staff. Being a part of this staff gives Jason an opportunity to be involved in something that could turn out to be big. His hobbies are fishing, video games, computer programming, and having fun doing random stuff. Jason is an outgoing person, and generally there isn’t anything he wouldn’t do. The phrase, “If your friends were to jump off a cliff would you do it with them?” yeah that one. Jason would be the person to answer yes to that question. Jason hopes to get his dream job and live a crazy but happy life. He believes that the key to live that life is friendship and hard work. Hard work to get things done, and friends to support you when you fail.



Jason Yarmy, Staff Reporter

Nov 04, 2020
Treyarch Rickrolling Dataminers (Story)
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Jason Yarmy