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Benjaman Raeburn
 Benjamin Raeburn is a freshman at Winter Springs High School and a member of the Pre-Diploma Program. He is ecstatic, eager, and exuberant about joining the staff at The Bear Truth News, as The Bear Truth News enthuses his passion of writing, and by sharing that passion with other staff, an impeccable environment is created to brainstorm new ideas. He dubbed it “the perfect way to sharpen your writing skills and enjoy yourself.” Raeburn hopes to bring light to niche and unusual clubs this year through his position as a staff reporter of The Bear Truth News. When out of school, he enjoys many pastimes. Amidst his broad scope of hobbies, lies time spent dabbling with Attic Greek (Ancient Greek) and Latin, reading fantasy fiction, and watching his favorite Netflix series. Echoing his interests, Raeburn is an ardent member of the National Junior Classical League, the Latin Club, and Model UN. 

Benjaman Raeburn, Copy Editor

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Benjaman Raeburn