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Reanna Ettman
Reanna Ettman is a first-year sophomore on the Newspaper Staff at Winter Springs High School. She’s been involved in many different affairs such as the Hunnybears dance team and volleyball off-campus. Off the stage, however, she loves to delve into some of her hobbies which includes watching her favorite show Supernatural, eating Chick-fil-a (#2 with extra pickles), painting and sleeping. She’s excited for herself and this team to bring new ideas to the table in bettering the school. She’s also hoping that this year will bring people to love the originality of newspaper once again. She has a vision to pursue psychology at FSU and has a hidden talent of being able to bend her thumb all the way back.

Reanna Ettman, PR Manager

Sep 13, 2019
Hurricane Dorian stalls in the Atlantic (Story)
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