Xbox mini fridge finally released


Courtesy of Boss Hunting

Jason Yarmy, Staff Reporter

Xbox, which is a subdivision of Microsoft, has released a pre-order for the Xbox mini fridge. The price was set at $99.99 plus tax and is set to be officially marketed some time soon during the holiday season. This situation started because of everyone saying that the new Xbox console looked like a refrigerator. Then, on October 20 2020, Snoop Dogg received a birthday gift from Xbox. A real Xbox series X refrigerator and they made 4 more reserved for undisclosed buyers. The original was a birthday gift for Snoop Dogg because he is known to enjoy the console.

The Xbox mini fridge was on pre-order as of October 19 but quickly sold out, and players will not be able to get their hands on any until the release date where there is expected to be more stock released however it is not confirmed whether or not there will be more or how many there will be. It will be sold on Target’s website under the name of “Xbox Series X Replica Mini Fridge”. There are a lot of ratings on it already but it makes no sense no customers have received the product yet. It is known as review spamming and it is known to ruin the reputation of a specific product or supplier.