Yearbook spotlight questions


Courtesy of Winter Springs High School

Aislinn Jones, Staff Reporter

“The yearbook has won national, regional and state awards over the years and is gaining recognition as one of the top books in the country” the Winter Springs High School website stated. Expounding on their greatness Raschelle Oberle, the new teacher for the yearbook, said “Yearbook is a grand production, and it requires editing, photography, writing, and design skills. I think it is interesting to capture different moments and to find different perspectives to cover. Students can look back at their yearbook and relive a memory.”  

The number of students each year to sign up for the yearbook varies, but this year, 40 students are on the yearbook staff. Many students sign up for the creative aspect of it, though it takes a while to finish the whole yearbook, they also need to be persistent, organized, and willing to learn. 

Yearbook is open to freshmen with journalism/ photography experience, sophomores, juniors, and seniors. To get into the yearbook staff you need to go through an application process with teacher recommendations, applications are available every year in February. When entering the staff students need to be aware that after-school and work time will be involved. The acknowledgment of deadlines will also be required as well as selling commercial ads.

In yearbook, the first thing students learn is the basic fundamentals. Which means photography, design, captions, copy, and vocab. Yearbook has a Walsworth program that helps them practice with laying out pages in the yearbook, they also watch tutorials online to help. All of their layouts and final projects are done in digital format in Adobe InDesign and Photoshop.

To purchase a yearbook you can go to the Winter Springs high school website and under the yearbook tab, you will find the ad. They can vary from $75.00 to $100.00.