Bowling Team Strikes Again


Courtesy of WSHS

Camila Vizcaino, Staff Reporter

The WSHS bowling team has performed exceptionally well in the 2021 season under the guidance of coach Brad Ash and restless work from its members. After a fantastic series of “very intense” matches and an outstanding performance during the conference competition, they now are back to practicing for the upcoming district tournament. Their recent successes have given the team a boost of “anticipation” for the future of Winter Springs bowling, expressed Coach Ash when discussing heir collective growth throughout the season. 

On October 23, the bowling team made their way to districts, where they competed against eleven different high schools across the county. The girls ended with a total score of 1854 for a fifth place finish, just 18 points shy of advancing to the final round. The boy’s team finished with a 2408, landing them a position in sixth place. The event meant a lot to this year’s team, especially when looking back on previous seasons and seeing that the team has definitely outperformed themselves this time around. 

In order to reach this level of growth, the team must not only be skilled in the discipline of bowling, but also connected and bonded with their fellow members. Coach Ash described the bowling team as “very supportive” and “the boys and girls teams always cheer each other on.” He says their togetherness has helped them through the season during the team’s ups and downs when it comes to the need for “consistent drive and toughness of mind.” Both teams have done a great job at pushing past these mental obstacles, as the coach states that they have “improved in every area,” and the main reasons for this include “the process of practicing, competing, and experiencing success all together.” 

As this wonderful season for Winter Springs Bowling comes to a close, there seems to be a lot of excitement for what is to come next. With the amount of skill shown during the past few months, it is easy to assume that they will surely continue in their endeavor to greatness, and soon reach their long-awaited goal of receiving that glorious state title.