Gaming Club

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Jason Yarmy, Staff Reporter

The gaming club is a group of individuals who meet in room 6-217 on Mondays and Fridays after school from 2:20-3:10. They play video games together on Xbox, PC, and Nintendo Switch. They are working on making a team for Super Smash Bros too, but it is not yet confirmed. Students who wish to join do not have to sign up for the club; they can just show up at the meeting times and stay if they wish to do so.

The sponsor Mr. Boyd said “The club is focused on playing multiplayer video games both competitively and casually. Although when we have enough consoles set up, students will sometimes play single-player games. We also talk about the latest game releases and games we are excited to play.” 

In addition, he mentioned that the club is fun, welcoming, and spontaneous. Students are encouraged to join if they are looking to game either casually or competitively in a welcoming and friendly environment. Extensive knowledge of gaming isn’t needed either as there are plenty of games old and new to try.