Varsity Volleyball scrimmages a heated game


Courtesy of Lauren Klingenberg

Allie Nichols, Co-Editor-in-Chief

The Winter Springs volleyball teams- Freshman, JV, and Varsity- set off the season with scrimmage games. For the Varsity game, it was purple against black. Sitting in the gym one could experience the familiar scene of volleyballs smacking the ground and flying in the air. The players went through the motions of the usual pregame practice- hitting the ball down, setting, kills, passing. Then, came the sound of the buzzer, and the game began. 


The starting lineup for the purple team consisted of numbers 1, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, and the black team had 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 13. The first few points were a blur, but soon purple led 3-1. The score stayed relatively close. The girls know the other team, the plays, and the ins and outs. A girl from the purple team served, but the black team got the point after one of their players got a kill making the score 6-6. One team never had more than two points on the other. In only a few short moments the scoreboard read 12-14 in favor of black. 


The purple team jump served, but the play ended with yet another point to the black team, for the ball landed on the line, technically in bounds. In a short period of time, the score was 14-20, and the purple didn’t have any gain on the black team after that; however, it was not because of lack of effort. Number 12 of the purple team dove after the ball time and time again. Unfortunately for them, it was not enough. They lost the first set 15-25. 


The second set started with a serve from the purple team, but a point to the black team. Everything moves so fast in volleyball. The scrimmage game never had timeouts to figure out a strategy, for the other side of the net could probably imagine what the coach told the girls. After a few more plays, the score lights showed 5-6. The entire set consisted of more back and forth of serving, the actual ball, and point gains. 9-8, 12-11, 13-15, and so on. Closely watching the ball can make one lose track of time. A couple of volleys only take a few minutes, but an entire set takes up about 40 minutes. 


In the next play, the purple team served the ball and got the point making the score 18-16. While the crowd cheered with every point advance, the enthusiasm didn’t match that of a game against another school for the audience knew WSHS would win either way. At least the stands were filled with excited fans and admirers. Before long, the black team served and trailed just behind the purple team with a score of 22-23. However, the set ended with a serve from the black team and then a win for them once again. 


After the game, the teams had time to reflect and share their thoughts on the night and the prospective season. They conveyed advice, hopes, and passions about time spent near the net. Lauren Klingenberg, number 6, expressed her opinions on the evening with much enthusiasm. She then stated her love for the sport and her teammates. She looks forward to traveling out of state for a tournament. She aims to work on talking with the other girls on the court during the game as well. Conversation while running for the ball is essential as to not cause confusion or accidents among players. 


Junior Callie Unterreiner, number 4, also speculated on the game and said, “We could work in communicating with each other.” She too looks forward to the upcoming season, specifically the Georgia tournament, for she enjoys “playing with [her] teammates, working hard, and competing.” A’siya Magazine, number 7 and third-year varsity member, revealed volleyball helps her take her mind off things, and she is “so excited to see how much we improve.” Magazine aspires to make it to the state finals. The rest of the season will allow for growth, memories, and plenty of opportunities for fans and fellow students to cheer on the Lady Bears.