The 2020 Steam Awards Finally Concluded!


Jason Yarmy, Staff Reporter

The 2020 Steam Awards Finally Concluded!

Jason Yarmy

Staff Reporter


Steam is a platform where people can purchase and play most of their favorite video games and VR (virtual reality) games too. It is one of the biggest gaming platforms and most well-known gaming platforms on the internet. Each year Steam hosts a Steam Awards which is like the kid’s choice awards on Nickelodeon but for Steam and the video games on it. They include several categories and all of them can be properly judged by the average gamer.


The first category was the “2020 Steam Game of the Year”: Red Dead Redemption II. The winner of the “best VR game” is Half-Life: Alyx. The “Labor of Love” winner is Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Next on the list of winners, the winner of “Better with Friends” is Fall Guys. The winner of “Most Innovative Gameplay” is Death Stranding. Next, the winner of the “most Outstanding Story-Rich Game” is again, Red Dead Redemption II. The winner of the “Best Game You Suck At” is Apex Legends. The winner of the “Outstanding Visual Style” award is Ori and the Will of Wisps. The winner of the “Best Soundtrack” is DOOM Eternal. Finally, the winner of the “Sit Back and Relax” award is The Sims 4. These awards are usually a significant impact in the Steam community, and they will continue to be going forward.


The Game of the Year: Red Dead Redemption II won two awards. Obviously, this game was extremely popular, and it had a massive impact on the Steam community but why? “Red Dead,” as most call it, is an open world game with a large map to explore and a great storyline to play. It is an old country themed game that represents GTA V in many ways including the online system which was implemented as an add-on/update and many other similarities. It was also made in the same studios as GTA V as they were both made by Rockstar Games.