Senior Spotlight


Photo Courtesy of: Hannah Smith

Allie Nichols, Layout/Design Manager

Hannah Smith is a senior here at WSHS and a part of many different extracurricular activities such as Cheer, Yearbook, and the Asian Student Association. As this is her fourth year, she is Editor in Chief of  Yearbook and a part of Varsity cheer. Smith joined the ASA when it was founded last year because she believes “it’s important to learn about my own culture and different Asian cultures as well.” Smith was adopted at a young age, so she never got the chance to really learn about her heritage and culture. In the Asian Student Association, Smith is part of a fun and judgement-free group of like minded individuals where she can celebrate similar cultures with diverse people. Meetings of the ASA  consist of celebrations of “various Asian holidays” and “eat[ing] food corresponding to each culture.” According to her, the ASA is all about “community, culture, and learning.”