It’s So Romantic in Paris


Photo Courtesy of: Netflix

Emily Tran, Business Manager

Yet again Netflix gave us a short, yet drama-filled show with actors that we completely adore. Emily in Paris will have everyone dreaming that they are also in Paris. Remember traveling? What a fun pastime that used to be… Anyway! The series stars Lily Collins as the titular Emily Cooper, a Chicago girl who takes a job in Paris, France and has the time of her life exploring all that the city has to offer. Emily in Paris is filmed on location in Paris, and nearly all of the places used in the show are real destinations- from the cafés to the museums to the fancy châteaus. People really thought this show was thrown together because, as some said, the sceneries were “fake.”

Moving from that note, the story continues as Emily unexpectedly finds herself responsible for teaching a Parisian luxury marketing firm. She moves to Paris to show how to improve Paris’s Instagram and Twitter game.

 Throughout the first season, Emily in Paris follows some classic romantic comedy tropes, and Emily and Gabriel’s first interaction is no exception. Emily accidentally mistaking Gabriel’s apartment for her own is the perfect meet-cute, and from the moment they lock eyes, it’s clear they have a connection. As they stumble through their first conversation together, everyone was blushing right along with them. Their longing looks signify that something big is about to happen with these two, and this is just the beginning.

 Just like any good rom-com, Emily and Gabriel’s relationship is a slow burn as they constantly try to figure out the timing. When she meets Gabriel, Emily is unavailable, but when she finally breaks up with her boyfriend in Chicago (honestly, that was for the best because he was the worst), we find out that Gabriel is actually in a relationship. Even though we know they can’t be together, that didn’t stop us from shipping them. Out of all of her romantic love interests, Gabriel is, without a doubt, the most charming.

 By the first season’s finale, Emily’s romantic mishaps leave her caught in the web of two very suave European gentlemen: Gabriel, played by Lucas Bravo, the hot chef neighbor who happens to be dating one of her only two friends in Paris, and Mathieu Cadault, played by Charles Martins, the hot businessman who runs part of his uncle Pierre’s couture house. From those descriptions, you might already have made your decision on which man you think sounds better for young Emily’s heart.

 Although it might not accurately depict how life is in Paris, it does appeal to Americans’ dreams of what Paris may be like, which may explain why its generated so much interest in a pandemic.