Work it, Sabrina


Photo courtesy of: Vevo

Emily Tran, Business Manager

The new movie Work it on Netflix might make you start rethinking what you would like in life. This Rom/Com film starts off with a pane of two completely different best friends; one awkward 18 year old girl named Quinn Ackerman, played by Sabrina Carpenter, and her ride or die best friend named Jasmine Hale, played by Liza Koshy. 

Jasmine Hale is a devoted dancer of pop music and is on the school’s popular dance team. On the other hand Quinn Ackerman is an exceptional student in academics, strives for perfection, and hopes to nail her interview with Duke University. However, she comes into some issues when talking to the advisor Miss Ramirez, played by Michelle Buteau. She then tells Ackerman, “You need more excitement on your resume because you’re like everyone else here. Debate club etc.” Quinn then realizes that she made a big mistake saying she is also on the dance team with her BFF Jasmine, when knowingly she’s not. 

Quinn comes into other issues along the way but ends up making her own dance team. Jasmine ends up quitting the school’s dance team and joins Quinn in a search for crazy good dancers. Although all of the dancers on the new team are rough around the edges, they make it through to the end together. 

Ackerman ends up having a love interest that ends up being their choreography named Jake Taylor, played by Jordan Fisher. They dance their hearts out until they fall in love, and they end up bringing Quinn’s team to victory at the championships. In the end, Jasmine gets to go to her dream school of dance. This feature film will give you all the feels of love and dance all wrapped in one big present.