WSHS promotes inclusion


Courtesy of: Best Buddies Online

Olivia Song, PR Manager/Head Reporter

Best Buddies is a non-profit organization that works with making relationships with those that are with or without Intellectual Developmental Disabilities (IDD). This club attempts to spread the message of inclusion through Winter Springs High School. 


The new club officers of the 2020-2021 school year are Olivia Song as the Chapter President, Sunitha Kishmore as the Chapter Vice President, Megan Hagge as the Chapter Secretary, and Jillian Vinci as the Chapter Treasurer. The club’s sponsor is ESE teacher Denning Saunders


Different schools in Central Florida have Best Buddies Clubs, but instead of calling them clubs, Best Buddies calls them Chapters. During this time, Best Buddies . One of the many events they coordinate the Friendship Walk. It is held annually during the month of May to celebrate the message of inclusion with other chapters around Central Florida. 


Best Buddies also holds leadership conferences every year for the Chapter Presidents and officers all over the country. The conference is usually held in Indiana, but due to COVID, this year it was held virtually. The leadership conference helps the different Chapters get prepared for the upcoming school year and give tips and tricks to be successful. 


Due to certain circumstances the club will be doing both virtual and face to face meetings. The Chapter is taking the necessary precautions to have safe but fun meetings. Best Buddies will individually prep activities and give to the students for proper safety measures.