Senior basketball star shares frustration

Sofia Guerra, Staff Translator

Elijah Guzman, a senior, is a member of the basketball team and says that being involved in sports is the best way to meet new people and feel the school spirit. His biggest accomplishment as a senior is taking basketball more seriously and being able to have a better season than last year. Being part of this basketball family is important to Guzman, along with earning better grades. “The difference from freshman year to now is that I focus on my future way more. I matured a lot more,” said Guzman. Some advice he gives to underclassmen is to enjoy all four years of high school and attend as many school activities and events you can because it’s super fun. Guzman feels sad that his school year was cut short. He said, “It sucks because the end of the school year is always the best for us seniors, and we didn’t get to have that fun for our last year.” Guzman is expressing how most seniors feel about their last quarter at school.