Girls Weightlifting dominates at meet


Photo courtesy of PSP Images

Riley Hazel, Editor-in-Chief

The Girl’s Weightlifting team started their season with a bang. The first meet marked the highly anticipated season following last year’s running successes. The girl’s weightlifting team has been racking up wins this season with a total of 18 wins.

At their most recent home meet against Lyman 61-21 and Trinity Prep 57-23 on December 4. Again, the girls showed off with eight first place winners: Jillian Vinci, Taylor Randa, Chloe Stumpf, Sarah Mardini, Lindsay, Camila Vizcaino, Madison Gomrad, and Taylor Krapf

Junior and weightlifter, Sofia Guerra spoke on the success of the season, “Soon with the state championships coming the undefeated streak is going to continue as a success of these hardworking girls.”

The streak of 18 wins is hoped to be continued at their next meet on December 11 where seniors- Aynslie Furbush, Chloe Stumpf, Maddie Epley, Sarah Mardini, and Jada Sweezy- will be recognized with their parents for Senior Night. 

The team placed third in the state last year and are back to back District and Regional champions. With practices all year long, the Girl’s Weightlifting team has no plans to stop their pace anytime soon with many more events to come.