Sophomore Takes on AP Literature


Photo by Sofia Guerra

Sofia Guerra, Staff Translator

This story was originally published in the third issue of The Bear Truth (December 16, 2019).

The Bear Truth is committed to highlighting the individuals who make up our student body. We invite you to read about a few of the great people who make up the Bear Nation.

Maria Patiño, a sophomore, is currently taking AP Spanish Literature. Patiño shared, “Literature is a way that we can see the different perspectives about a single theme without taking away the history of literature, which gives us a context that provides information for a better analysis.” AP Literature is, in some ways, easier for her because Spanish is her main language, but it was still a difficult class at the beginning because of the time frame and historical context that the students were studying. However, making analyses and developing critical texts becomes easier over time. What Patiño likes most about the class is the ways that even though the texts are old, there is a way that it can give examples in our actual life. AP Literature is taught by Ms. Gomez, and Patiño thinks she’s the best teacher for the job. According to Patiño, “Ms. Gomez’s experience and knowledge makes her the right person to teach the class, and [she] has the intention that her students actually learn.”