Ladies lead the way


Photo courtesy of Jeanette Perez

Sofia Geurra, Staff Translator

This story was originally published in Spanish in the third issue of The Bear Truth (December 16, 2019).

The class, Young Women of Excellence has a new teacher this year, Jeanette Perez. Perez is from Puerto Rico, and since she moved to the United States, she has been an ESOL teacher for two years. Kristi Draus approached Perez, offering the opportunity of teaching this class, saying that the previous teacher was leaving.

 “This class should be of interest to students because of the focus on leadership skills, activities, community service, mentoring, and tutoring, all while guiding each student through career options and skills needed for the professional and work field,” said Perez. If you are a young lady who wants to make your high school years the most and focus on all, you can be in the present and now making you a powerful leader this is the perfect class for you. Michele Hinds a student of Perez said, “I feel like this is a really amazing class because it’s about empowerment in the school and helps women to feel comfortable about their own abilities.” 

People would think because Perez is an ESOL teacher too it would be different teachings, and she wouldn’t fit as a Young Women of Excellence teacher, but most of her students like Evody Gouin said, “I definitely wouldn’t want another teacher because Perez is the kindest person ever.” Indeed, Perez does get to connect with her students.

Young Women of Excellence is a class that lets students be themselves and create amazing relationships with people. It expands a student’s circle of friends and creates a close relationship with the teacher. As Ariannis Rios said, “I actually have a relationship with the teacher.” Perez will absolutely be teaching this class next year and wants more students to be in it so she can inspire them and be better- not just students but as humans in the society too.