Bookkepers announce a financial statement

Emily Tran, Feature Editor

This story was originally published in the second issue of The Bear Truth (November 14, 2019).

Recently, our bookkeepers have decided to make change, literally. Veteran bookkeeper, Diane Kaminski, with three decades of experience, has decided to retire, while her colleague and fellow financial , Holly Hagan has chosen to move up in the ranks, earning a position at the district office.

Kaminski shared, “It is really hard to leave a job and place I really love.” Kaminski started working at WSHS a year before the school opened in 1997. After 30 years in the school system, Kaminski now plans to spend time with her grandchildren, along with working on her yard and flower gardens. She will miss the school dearly, and said, “I will miss the people and the work I did.”

For over two decades, Kaminski has managed the money at WSHS, and her work is valuable. Principal Pete Gaffney said, “She is the sweetest person and the most helpful person you can run across! She is Incredibly organized and just “On it”.  She knows all things High School has knowledge about the budget that no one else can match.”

In addition to keeping the numbers accurate, Kaminski has contributed in a number of other areas at our school. She has worked for years with Care Bears, an organization on campus that schedules get togethers for staff members to meet after school to build friendships. Dr. Paula Vickers said, “I always appreciated that Kaminski was willing to organize Secret Santa. We all work so hard and it was fun to exchange gifts. With all the responsibility that Ms. Kaminski has, it was really nice of her to do this for us.”

Kaminski is a detail-oriented bookkeeper who has always exhibited patience with the staff. Carmen Beasley expressed that she appreciated Ms. Kaminski’s “patience when I became head bowling coach with my budget.” Indeed, her job requires a great deal of patience.

Our other bookkeeper at WSHS is ‘Mama Hagan,’ as some kids like to call her. “I have certainly enjoyed being their mama,” Holly Hagan said. Hagan will be taking the position of Finance Specialist at SCPS District Office. Hagan has worked at our school for six years. “So many tears. I have loved so many! I will miss all of my ‘baby bears,’ my TAs, and so many more!” said Hagan. She added, “I will deeply miss special students who stop in regularly for encouragement or just a safe space to hangout and….Go Bears!”

In addition to building relationships with students, Hagan works diligently to assist with keeping the books in order. Mr. Gaffney said, “Mrs. Hagan has been Diane’s right arm and her assistance with everything has been so appreciated.”

 Though Diane Kaminski and Holly Hagan have set their sights on different paths, one thing they still have in common is the profound effect that they have had on Winter Springs High School. The Bear Truth staff, along with the rest of the WSHS family,  wish them well as we all sadly and happily say goodbye.