Freshman promotes weightlifting

Allie Nichols, Copy Editor

This story was originally published in the second issue of The Bear Truth (November 14, 2019).

The Bear Truth is committed to highlighting the individuals who make up our student body. We invite you to read about a few of the great people who make up the Bear Nation.

Rory Wyatt is a freshman here at Winter Springs and describes herself as  “hard-working, active, and definitely extroverted.” One thing she really loves about this school is that “there are so many kind people here.” Wyatt is currently taking two AP classes: Human Geography and Biology. She was up for the challenge of taking not one but two college-level classes because she “[enjoys] science and history so much.” As much as she loves school, Wyatt’s favorite thing is participating on the weight lifting team. She described weight lifting by saying “It’s not like any other sport because there are no tryouts. Weight lifting is all about self-dis and motivation.” Wyatt continued to praise weight lifting as she smiled and said,  “It’s all so great because of the supportive team and atmosphere.” Wyatt’s final words for her classmates and school are, “Join weight lifting next chance you get.”