Conceptions of Homecoming


Photo by Sara-James Ranta

Students participate in homecoming week by dressing up for Halloween.

Reanna Ettman, PR Manager

This story was originally published in the second issue of The Bear Truth (November 14, 2019).

From the week filled with dress-up days, parades, and the biggest football game of the year to the eye-catching dresses and illuminating lights, homecoming is the event that really sets off the school year. With a whole school week dedicated to a football game, followed by a dance, students are inspired to participate in every festivity planned. Homecoming week is an amazing opportunity to show school spirit and connect with the people around you. Even with all the roaring sounds and flashing lights, students tend to overlook what the dance is all about.

Students leave middle school and enter high school expecting it to be either a knock-off version of High School Musical or the worst place you could be. When it comes to events like homecoming, some students tend to feel discouraged if they don’t get asked or have no one to go with. People put a bad label on the event itself with this feeling in mind. In reality, you don’t have to have a date. The dance itself is all about spending a night with friends at a place where you don’t always get to have the most fun.

If you’re looking from a freshman’s point of view, you may feel overwhelmed. It’s almost as if homecoming is only for the students who have attended the particular high school for more than a year. This idea has come to spread far and fast amongst underclassmen who believe they won’t feel comfortable going to the dane or participating in any activity for that matter. But this is most certainly not the case. Regardless of your grade level, you can participate in all activities from spirit week to homecoming night. Everyone is seen as equal and no one focuses on the grade aspect at all. 

Misconceptions about such an event-filled week happen at every school. If you feel as though you should not attend because you don’t have a date or you’re too low on the totem pole, just know you’re not alone. But it is important to realize that’s not the main focus. Of course, it’s nice to go with someone, but you can have just as much fun with your friends.