Gaffney leads with Bear pride

Allie Nichols, Copy Editor

This story was originally published in the second issue of The Bear Truth (November 14, 2019).

Principal Pete Gaffney has been working in the Seminole County school system since 1995 but has been at Winter Springs High School for only three years. He came to WSHS because “SCPS gave me the opportunity to move from elementary to high school and I said, ‘YES!’” Compared to Keith Elementary, his previous working place, everything is different, Gaffney said. “High school is a lot bigger.” 

Principal Gaffney cherishes his job and loves supporting all the students in the AAA experience, something that is his philosophy, even more. The three “A”s stand for the Academics, Athletics, and the Arts. He chose to become a principal because he relishes in helping people. Gaffney’s three words to describe his job are “Energetic, passionate, and never-ending.” Over the next few years, while he is here, Gaffney would like to see the AAA continue to grow and build on itself. Principal Gaffney’s plans for this school year are to “Continue to support all that we do and build relationships with everyone!”

Principal Gaffney has been keeping up with having a clean campus. He does this because “A clean campus makes people proud,” and continued to say, “My job is to ignore nothing and pay attention to all the little things.” His advice to the students to keep the campus clean is “PICK UP THE CUP!” For those who do not know the story, it is the following: Mr. Gaffney was at a football game and watched one of the players chug a water bottle and throw it behind him towards a trash can. The cup missed the can and landed right next to it instead. With cameras aimed at him, the player got up, walked around the entire bench, and picked up the cup. 

Principal Gaffney has a few words of positive advice for our athletes. “Work hard at practice. Practice at hard work because hard work makes the wins bigger.” Passion drives Mr. Gaffney to promote team spirit. Also, according to him, “It’s a very fun part of high school!” Principal Gaffney laughed a little as he heard and answered the final question- Is Bruce the Bear your best friend? He said with a large smile, “Yes. He’s my best pal. Go bears!”