Color Guard Embraces Friendship

Photo By Riley Hazel
The team attends football games and competitions to perform. 

Emily Tran, Staff Reporter

Color guard is great if you want to have an extra-curricular activity that may be difficult at times but can also be a lot of fun. Their schedule consists of two practices a week after school and a lot of hard work. Color guard members not only throw flags, but they also have fun building relationships with one another. One downside is having to practice drills outside in the heat.

With the amount of work the team needs to learn while keeping up with the rest of the band members on the field, the Color guard team works together to create an exciting atmosphere that is School.

This team is astonishing and entertaining because of their elaborate routines. The members of the team work very well together and have built strong bonds, like family, with each other. “Once you join the guard, you become part of a family,” said the captain of the team, Harmony McMullen.

They feel that it is an added bonus to be able to be there for each other through thick and thin, to be able to share exciting times and the not so good times. The team works together all the time they don’t leave any person behind when one of them might not know the routine.

To prepare for practice, the members of the Guard bring lots of water and get changed into their workout gear before class starts. The team attends football games and competitions to perform. 

Harmony McMullen shared, “We also have some time to hang out before getting ready for shows and it is the best way to bond with the team. Getting to know everyone on the team would be the best way to connect to become one big family. There is never really any tension with anyone in the group because we all get along. I remember when we first started practicing each and every one of those girls helped me out with tosses, like the high toss.” 

“We will soon be working up to using rifles and sabers sometime in the near future,” McMullen added. When practicing through the first week of school it was raining heavily after school on Tuesday and Thursday. This made it a real challenge to practice the drill. Within the next few days, the sky cleared up so the team got to practicing, and made the best of the time they had for the upcoming game. 

Color guard is great for students who are just starting off high school as freshmen because it is a great way to get involved with the school and make so many new friends.