Science Dual-Enrollment: A Fun Way to Learn Common Core


Courtesy of Reanna Ettman

Mr. Johnson has been teaching multiple solar and energy classes since 2011.

Reanna Ettman, PR Manager

Here at Winter Springs High School we have a variety of ways and opportunities to earn college credit. One of the most exciting ways is through our Program of Emphasis run by veteran teacher, Dave Johnson. Mr. Johnson has been teaching multiple solar and energy classes since 2011. Some of the classes included are Intro to Solar, Renewable Energy, and Alternative Energy Sources. These courses are not only interactive and offered to all grade levels, but also include dual-enrollment with Seminole State College on our campus. The program is not like your typical common core science class. Many discussions and group projects, such as the solar cookout, are given to help students look past the boring parts of science and see the true fun science has to offer.

During an interview with Mr. Johnson, he explained, “I like that the courses I teach allows me to do many hands-on activities and projects. I am planning to build a fourth-year dual-enrollment course called Projects in Sustainability. I am planning on writing grants to get funding for more labs.”

The fun does not stop there. In 2013, two students who had completed all classes founded the Renewable Energy Honors Society. This society allows students to take a step further and apply what they’ve learned to help the community around them. Mr. Johnson explained the students in the society participate in many community events to help promote clean energy practices in our world. The society is also offered to all grade levels. Meetings are on Tuesdays after school. 

Enrollment is now at 300+ students and continues to grow every year. Mr. Johnson would like students to take these empowering ideas with them as they move on into the world: “Be good people. Care about each other and the world. Demand perfection in all that you do. Learn and do as much science as possible, simply because it’s awesome.”