JV Volleyball Team Defeats Trinity Prep

Allie Nichols, Copy Editor

It was the first game of the season: Winter Springs versus Trinity Prep. A player from Trinity Prep served a strong overhand, and the game began. Our girls dove fast and hard for the low balls. The setter set the ball to the outside every chance she got. At the first time out, the score was home: 6, guest: 10. The hitters were forceful, but the girls on the other team were too. Number 3 served, and the girls on the other side of the net passed back. 3 passed the ball to the setter who set the ball to the right side. The right side hit the ball, hard. The girl on the other side of the net was not prepared, so the ball hit the floor with a smack. We just won the first set. The score was home: 25, guest: 23.

The teams switched sides. Points were gained very quickly by both sides. A timeout was called, and the score was home: 13, guest: 9. A player from the other team served, and they scored yet another point. The crowd yelled “side out” to encourage the girls. Towards the end of the game, the score was home: 20, guest: 15. An amazingly strong kill from our team won the second set which meant we won the game.

Player, Tiffany Brown described the game as “Exciting” and said that the nervousness she felt before has now been ruled out by the rush of playing volleyball. Madalyn Cole called the game “Intimidating” and said that she too was nervous because “you don’t want to embarrass yourself.” She was relieved after winning the game and declared that this was a good start to the season. After asking how her how she felt about the rest of the team she said, “We all care a lot.” A student from the bleachers, Tyler Frame, really liked the game describing it as “Good. Especially number 3. She can set it up for people and still finish. Number 7 also did well because she was a strong server. She could bump the ball and it would go to the right place. It was a very, very, very close game. We won this after a lot of hard work and determination.”