Iconic Show, Friends, Leaves Netflix


Courtesy of Getty Images

Miranda Guthrie, Staff Reporter

Friends was a national television show where viewers could watch it with their family and friends. Just about anybody could relate to what was going on in the show. But sadly, Friends came to an end in 2004 when its tenth season ended. Then, in 2015, Netflix brought Friends on to their streaming service, which added many new users. In 2018, Netflix paid $100 million to keep it on their streaming service. Fast forward, other streaming services have been on the rise like Hulu and Warner Bro. The result has been a decreasing number of people accessing Netflix and Netflix losing a lot of streaming viewers. This is why Warner Bros are going to be taking Friends to their network; so for those who want to watch Friends they should be prepared to pay for the Warner Bros. network. That’s why Friends is leaving Netflix in the spring of 2020.

Hulu is another streaming service which allows early users to access to popular TV shows. However, the popular TV shows typically wait a day to be on Hulu.

Warner Brothers is a streaming service with all related business, which features film, television, and home entertainment.