WSHS 2019 Seniors Dream and Reflect



Photo by Paul Aiken

Riley Hazel, Lead Staff Writer

Courtesy of WSHS SGA

With Senior Week coming to a close, it is a good time for those leaving Winter Springs High School to reflect on their experiences that will guide them into their future.

Some seniors viewed the WSHS experience as academically, artistically, and socially challenging. They also expressed the opinion that the teachers and the experiences they’ve had has reverberated into their future. Meaning that WSHS provides both encouragement and motivation for students to be successful beyond high school.

Madison Clearman, a senior at WSHS, has felt the pressure of academics. With scholarships depending on AP exams being passed as well as acceptance to a college of choice, many seniors find themselves anxious about their future. On the opposite side of the spectrum, Christian Paniagua is enjoying his last few weeks as a senior graduating with honors because of his persistence to strive for excellence in his classes. WSHS has provided Anamaria Alvarez an opportunity she would not have in her native country of Columbia. Her academic hard work and perseverance earned her a faculty scholarship to Stetson University.

WSHS has motivated several seniors. College applications to Julliard, Berklee College of Music, Stetson College of Music, all highly accredited and sought after music schools, would not have happened had it not been for the creative drive of the students and the impressive talents of the faculty.

Socially, WSHS has given seniors memories they will carry with them. Highlights of the 2018-19 school year include winning the first football game in several seasons, taking class trips, tournaments and games galore, all lead up to senior week. Senior week included theme days, a rival baseball game, along with the traditional senior picnic. As commencement approaches, seniors are coming to the realization that change is imminent. No longer the 2019 graduating class, they are individuals entering the world of adulthood.

When asked what activity she is most eager for, Clearman responded with “I’m super excited for prom! I’ve been excited to go with my friends and dance!”

“Traditions are really important at [Winter Springs High School] and I think that keeping the excitement with senior week is really fun for a lot of seniors,” explained Katie Loftis who is Senior Class President.

Loftis said that, “I think senior week really builds the excitement of being a senior and realizing the last experiences we have as high schoolers, whether that’s a last dress up day or last opportunity to be with your high school friends and teachers.”

Senior year is full of reflecting, creating lasting memories, and celebratory activities. On behalf of Bear Truth News, we congratulate the Class of 2019 on all their accomplishments!