Finishing Strong in the Fourth Quarter Final Stretch


Jordynn Leigh, Staff Writer

The last quarter can be stressful for all students with the FSA tests and final exams to prepare for. It can be difficult to balance finishing the work in your classes and properly preparing for these big tests. Here are a few helpful tips to make your 4th quarter a little easier.

Create a studying schedule- Planning out when you will study for each test and do your other homework will help you stay organized and on track. Use a planner and write down everything you need done each night and stick to it. It will relieve a lot of stress knowing that you can get everything done.

Find your best way to study- Everyone has their own way that works best for them. Some people prefer flashcards, others like re-reading notes. Find the way that best helps you.

Form a study group- Hang out with a few friends from your class and quiz one another on the material. Hearing other people’s notes and wording of the material can help you retain the information better.

Take care of yourself- Make sure you are getting enough sleep. Go to bed on time so you have enough energy throughout the day and can focus on your work. Also drink a lot of water and eat healthy meals. If you are dehydrated or hungry your stress level will increase.

Finally don’t be afraid to ask for help, if you are struggling in a section ask your teacher to explain it to you. That’s what they are there for and will be more than happy to help you.