WSHS Administration Enforces Safety Precautions

WSHS Administration Enforces Safety Precautions

Jordynn Leigh, Staff Writer

The administrative team at Winter Springs High School are enforcing campus safety precautions to protect all the students, teachers, and staff.

One of administration’s latest steps is to have all teachers identify their “hard corners” and place a sign in that area. A hard corner is an area of the classroom that cannot be seen from the door or any windows. This is a safe area students know to go to in case of a threat.

Other measures have to do with physical protective barriers. All doors will be locked including both outside doors leading to campus and all classrooms doors. This has been a policy for a while, but administration is really stepping up enforcement.  There are also efforts to secure funding for a fence around campus, along with more security cameras. Plans to install card readers for any exterior doors to help ensure only authorized people can access the campus are also in the works.

Along with the administration doing things to improve safety, they also need help from students and staff. They are relying on everyone to keep their eyes open and not to hesitate to come forward if there is information that could prevent a security incident or even a tragedy.

Mr. Matt Hesselbart, WSHS School Administration Manager, urges, “Communicate with us, never be afraid, and communicate everything.”

There are always deputies on campus to help ensure safety as well. Deputy Richardson said they try to help engage with students and make them feel more comfortable.

Seminole County Public Schools will be hosting their 2nd Annual School Safety & Security Forum, in conjunction with the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office, on Thursday, March 29th from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. in the Winter Springs High School auditorium to inform parents on school safety and security topics within the district.

Junior Laila Rahman will be representing WSHS at the forum and had this to say, “School safety is very important. No one should go to school fearing for their life.”

Overall, Winter Springs High School is working hard to keep everyone on campus as safe as possible.