WSHS Freshman Shares Difficult Lessons Learned First Semester

Picture courtesy of Pxhere

Picture courtesy of Pxhere

Daianaera Charnell, Staff Writer

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Going from an eighth-grader to being a freshman in high school is definitely challenging. In my experience, you have to make new friends, because those friends from middle school or elementary may not have followed you to high school. Making new friends can be kind of difficult to do, especially when you’re quiet and don’t find it easy to talk to new people. Although, once you do start talking to others, you can make some amazing friends who’ll always be there for you.

The best thing about having great administration and teachers is that they’re always willing to help. Whether that’s planning a day to stay after school or come in before school to get some school work finished, the teachers are really helpful. The administration is continuously walking around the school or in their office and is usually available to help out. They are willing to help with any problem, and as I’ve experienced, know how to handle any problem.

School can be really stressful, no matter what skill level.  It can seem exceptionally stressful when you’re involved in extracurricular activities or performing arts. The best way to manage that stress is to plan out your time and go along with the plan. Managing your time really does help because getting it done now rather than later takes off some of that extra pressure. Whereas, procrastinating usually ends up adding a lot of anxiety to you. Learning to manage your time won’t come easily, but I’ve found that with enough determination and self-control, it does help to eliminate some of the extra stress from assignments needing to get done.

Being on top of your school work also helps to ease the burden, because you won’t have to add classwork to your homework list. Talking while doing little of your work doesn’t help to take off the stress of having to finish it for homework. You can talk and do your work, but the best way is to be fully focused on your work while in class and keep talking to friends down to a minimum.

Tips to being less stressed out:

  1. Plan out your day. Use a planner or app to write down any homework you know you have and plan a time for you to get it done.
  2. Put your phone away from you so you can work on your homework.
  3. If you’re in extracurricular activities or performing electives, plan to practice on what you’re working in there too.
  4. If you need help, ask your parents and teachers. They know how to help.