Winter Springs ASL Rocked the House

Jordynn Leigh, Staff Writer

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Friday, the 16th the ASL program put on a performance here at Winter Springs. It had two acts that included, songs, deaf culture and comedy skits. There was a full house of over 800 people, including about 30 deaf people, which exceeded the number of last year’s audience which only around 300.

Mrs. Katie Canteenwalla, one of the ASL teacher who produced the show thought very highly of the student’s performance.

“Amazing, perfect the best ASL performance yet.” She said.

Catlin Rice, a senior who performed in the show said that the performance of the song, “Thriller” by Michael Jackson, was her favorite. For this piece, they had four signers on the stage dressed as zombies actually performing the song with smoke filling the space around them. The other students were also dressed up as zombies and were stumbling through the auditorium and interacting with the audience throughout the song. Rice said that she worked very hard on this specific song,

“It was my little baby that blossomed into a flower on stage.”

Another song they performed that is especially popular among children was “baby shark. For this one they did a sign along where they taught the audience the song first and then everyone signed together. To make things even more exciting though they invited Mr. Pete Gaffney on stage to help. He was taught the signs along with the audience and the performed with the students on stage.

The ASL family also included a surprise song that neither of the ASL teachers were aware of. The students Signed, “From Now On”, from the greatest showman. Both Mrs. Canteenwalla and Mrs. Hyman were moved to tears by the touching performance. They all ended the night by acknowledging each senior in the performance and each student that had a leadership role.

Overall the ASL family had a successful and beautiful performance and are looking forward to next year’s already.