Pittsburgh Synagogue Suffers Attack

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Pittsburgh Synagogue Suffers Attack

Louis Sanders, Lead Staff Writer

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 On Saturday, October 27, Robert Bowers walked into a Pittsburgh synagogue and murdered 11 people and wounded at least six more, four of them being police officers. At approximately 10:00 AM, Bowers entered the Tree of Life synagogue and opened fire killing multiple people.

Bowers had an infamous social media presence, primarily on Gab—a social media site known for being anti-censorship and pro-free speech—where he made numerous anti-semitic remarks and openly talked about a Jewish genocide. Leading up to his surrender, Bowers made several threats and anti-semitic comments and before entering the building posted “Screw your optics, I’m going in.”

The oldest victim was Rose Mallinger, age 97, and lived through the Holocaust as well as several of the other victims.

President Trump’s response to the shooting was controversial to some.

“If they had some kind of protection inside the temple, maybe it could have been a very much different situation.”

However several armed police officers responded to the scene and four of them were shot. Trump was also quoted as having a desire to “bring the death penalty into vogue.” The president feels that the death penalty will be effective in deterring mass shootings, despite contradictory evidence.

This is the 297th mass shooting in America this year.

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